What is home? Where is home?
The frightening moment in life when the place that once could be called home has lost its true meaning and the sudden moment of realization that probably this place will never be called home again. When did the change happen, when was the last time the true meaning of “HOME” made sense? And what is the true meaning of home? Traveling through the world and living in many culturally different places has led CHENERT to question the actual meaning of home. Is home a physical thing or just a feeling? Has he ever felt at home?

The last memory of feeling at home is arising when CHENERT was probably 4-5 years old. The feeling of spending a summer at grandmas country-house, running through the garden barefooted, and feeling the cold mildly wet grass rubbing again his feet. No problems, just one never-ending summer day.// 
Nowadays it is the most confusing thing to feel homesick for a place that doesn’t exist anymore or has never existed. It is like a never-ending metro ride not knowing where to step off. Is it the next stop or one after another? Who knows, maybe it’s easier to stay on the train and keep on going when all of a sudden the final destination will be compatible.
I’m on board//
Designer: CHENERT
Videography/Photography: Andrea Brandt
Model: Naja Bay Madsen
Model: Anders Theodor
Model: Yaqub Abdirahman 
MUA: Lois Zaina 
Hair: Aiden Rigo

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