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CHENERT is a streetwear and lifestyle brand that is mostly focusing on relevant social subject, such as mental health, gender, equality, underground club scene, and is representing all the people who are feeling left out from the “norm”. Most of the inspiration is coming from the personal life of CHENERT and shows the raw side of his inside world.
The goal of CHENERT is to make consumers keep the garments longer by making them multifunctional and creating smart yet aesthetical design solutions, that will create an emotional connection between the garment pieces and owners.  Most of the clothes done by CHENERT are made by using leftover materials, production waste, or recycled fabrics. CHENERT believes that there is way too much already existing waste and overproduction in this world, that something needs to change.  All of the garments are non-seasonal and gender-neutral, so the clothes will fit anyone who desires to wear them. Most of the outcoming collections are limited as they are made using leftover fabrics.

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